Located in Hualien, Taiwan, Ardennes Villa is far away from city Taipei, is an exclusive, luxurious and contemporary Guesthouse situated in the nature where a great place to stay for relaxing, searching peace and tranquility. The Guesthouse consists of luxury suite house which have been designed for both family or solo traveler with warm, pleasant staff to ensure your stay is pampered and personalized.

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In order from nearest to furthest several hills, Ardennes Villa is located in the quaint and scenic centre becoming a little paradise, the secluded evergreen environment and panorama views of vast lands and lake given a beautiful countryside of Taiwan and taken stress and unhappiness off you.

Staying in this wonderful location for couples, the young and old who not rush their schedule in this beautiful laid back countryside. Take a pace off and enjoy the wood design of suite, which basically everything you need here.

The traditional Kaiseki Cuisine from Ardennes Villa Dining is the highlight of staying. They are using fresh ingredients and simple, zen presentations with all perfectly seasoned and thoughtfully presented.

Kaiseki is a style of Japanese cuisine however still working in Ardennes Villa with many courses that represent both simplicity and complexity, it is becoming more local and essence.

The modern and spacious guesthouse is also providing the wellness spa with the best experience with accommodation in Ardennes Villa. Anytime my mind, body and spirit demand to be nurtured, pampered, rejuvenated, refreshed and recharged, the spa staffs who taking care of you and let you slip away for a while.

The elegant small town with a real, backdated Villa which a modern interior suites in Butterfly Valley is also the most popular venue of local drama as shooting background and you will definitely enjoy every details in the beautiful and peaceful guesthouse - Ardennes Villa

A beautiful countryside - Taiwan Guesthouse Collection

Text by Rix To — Posted in LIFESTYLE on December 5, 2015

No. 40, Yutang Road,Shou Fong Hsiang, Hualien 97441, Taiwan / For reservations : 0933-121662 / http://www.ardennesvilla.com.tw/




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