“ Simply Chic and Completely Unique. “

I-MAGAZINE is a fast-growing digital magazine covering all things “Modern”, “Luxury” and “Inspirational”. We are offering the stylish and creative presentation with awesome ideas and techniques online which dedicated to youth and young adult worldwide.

Discover the daily inspiration of Fashion & Lifestyle trends, Beauty & Skincare tips, Travel Reports, Inspirational Ideas, World Cultures with the modern and innovation approaches in I-MAGAZINE. We attract the trendsetters and consumers who also as our loyal and influential users to exchange the latest information in our community, thus I-MAGAZINE is able to convert messages in remarkable visual stories to increase visibility and popularity.
- 2017
Establishing China Office and TMall Store.
- 2016
Launching the Traditional Chinese version of I-MAGAZINE. The visualization focusing high-end luxury online magazine in H.K.
- 2015
Launching I-M Partnership Program with E-Commerce for promoting individual designers and brands online.

- 2014
Online publication of I-MAGAZINE UK and I-MAGAZINE WORLDWIDE.