Nice "date night" restaurant - If you're looking for the romantic atmosphere yet fairly good food make for a nice night out in Tulsa, you can't go wrong with SMOKE on Cherry Street. Decor and ambiance are good enough to bring you in the mood, it's a concept that you will be interested in ordering basically everything on the menu.

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SMOKE on Cherry Street has a sense of humor about itself and then goes on to deliver wonderful food using as much locally acquired ingredients as possible. Carolina Barbecued pulled pork with Tabasco slaw and SMOKE. bbq sauce on onion rolls had a great flavor and the sweet bites are perfect for two.

Roasted fingerling potatoes with garlic and crispy rosemary came with a spicy taste and was really unique. Forward thinking but still recognizable like always a little different each time and the various rosemary sea salt preparations

The upscale smokehouse offering the fall/ winter menu like Grilled Half Chicken, Lamb Bolognese, Pork Tenderloin and Loaded Potato Gnocchi that where the bacon, broccoli, and cheese come in. Spoon everything into a casserole dish and load it down with some cheese.

Kale and Shaved Brussels Sprouts with sunflower seeds, cranberries, Tabasco-maple vinaigrette, and goats cheese. The sweetness of the cranberries and the presence of the maple in the vinaigrette softened the slight bitterness of the kale and the pepper flavor of the sprouts.

The dessert was Flourless Chocolate Torte, it seems easy for chef but it turned out amazing. Flourless chocolate cakes don’t tend to vary much in the ingredient department: there is chocolate, obviously and the temperature was correct as the chocolate mixture were not too hard it's perfect for the dining.

The Apple Crumble topped with melting vanilla bean ice cream goes the aroma of fresh baked apples and spices fills the house like a cozy blanket of warmth which kind of the best.

Smoke On Cherry Street Seasonal Menu

Text by Karl Green — Posted in LIFESTYLE on December 1, 2015

1542 E. 15th St. Tulsa, OK 74120 / Free Valet every Fri & Sat Night. For reservations : (918) 949-4440/




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