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What are the favorite brands of Jesus Christ the Messiah? According to the Netflix Messiah (Messias) series, Jesus' favorite brands in the 21st century would be Levi's, Adidas, Nike and New Balance.


They say that Jesus Christ, the Messiah, is the greatest influencer in history . We read it now on many posters in Madrid announcing 33 El Musical, the history of the greatest influencer of all time. So, as an influencer, if I came back to life and today we should look at how you saw, and what brands. But, of course, we can only do it through fiction. And we do this by looking at the last representation of his figure: Messiah (Messiah), the Netflix series that has just been released. We suck this weekend with the aim of knowing what brands are the jeans, sweatshirts and slippers of Jesus Christ, the Messiah.


Messiah, Messiah in English, is the title of the new series that Netflix has just released on January 1, 2020. A super production about the supposed reappearance in the modern world of Jesus Christ, Isa for Islam, the Messiah. As you can guess, the series is not liked by any of the religions involved. All devotees resent something. And it is that the series plays with all possible interpretations on the role of the prophet son of God. Sometimes he appears as the Savior who comes to fight against the Anti-Christ, in others he is presented directly as the Anti-Christ, and in others as a lunatic, even a terrorist agitator. I don't know if we will reach any conclusion in the series, since only the first season has been presented. And now it is never known whether a series will have continuity or not. Hopefully yes, and that the scriptwriters do not lose the clamp. Meanwhile, we will keep track of the brands that Jesus Christ the Messiah sports in the series. If the same happens with other Netflix generational series, Stranger Things type , we will see co-branding collaborations between clothing and shoe brands and the series. .. Levi's, Sprite, H&M, Nike, Louis Vuitton ... they already did. But who saw Jesus Christ in Messiah? What brand are your jeans, sneakers and sweatshirts?


What brand are the jeans of Jesus Christ, the Messiah?


Jesus Christ, the Messiah, is played by Mehdi Behbi, a 34-year - old Belgian actor with cetrine skin, black hair and Tunisian origin. In the series, he is aesthetically represented as a neo hippy, any creative professional in any city might seem. He wears slippers, sweatshirts and jeans. The jeans of Jesus Christ the Messiah in the series are from the Levi’s brand . The 501 red labelde Levi's draws attention to the march he organizes towards Washington. A demonstration that concludes with Jesus Christ the Messiah crossing on foot the waters in front of the monument to Abraham Lincoln. Imagine Jesus on his back teaching his Levi's while crossing the waters and broadcasting the image to all the news of the world. Levi's, the miracle jeans . 


What brand are the jeans of Jesus Christ, the Messiah?


The second impact of the favorite brands of Jesus the Messiah is when Jesus Christ leads a group of Palestinians through the desert to the border with Israel. There we see him with his blue New Balance shoes . The second impact is when you hold a clandestine interview with the president of the United States. On that occasion, Jesus wears a sweat jacket with three white stripes from adidas . Shortly after, Jesus Christ the Messiah is seen in the streets of Washington during riots with a sweatshirt that wrestles a great Nike logo . And during one chapter, Jesus Christ alternates the clothes of Adidas and Nike in each sequence. Well, you know what they are the favorite brands of Jesus Christ the Messiah in the 21st century: New Balance, Levi's, Adidas and Nike.. 






Text & Image : Neo2 / Post on  7 January, 2019



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