A chic and stylish retro tube clock

How often do you want to keep looking at a clock after it has already told you the time? Probably not often! Time-telling products all around us but we only tend to notice them when we need them. Blub Uno became an idea of combining art & design to the functional lifestyle products - The individual glowing numbers, housed in a glass cylinder, are a beautiful alternative to the common digital and analogue displays people all used to seeing. To complement the retro feel of the display, the electronics are mounted in a sleek housing machined from solid aluminium, giving it a modern aesthetic which fits in to any home or office setting. Its small size makes it ideal for small spaces, yet the large display makes it readable from anywhere in larger rooms.

Blub Uno is powered via USB, so you can power it by plugging it into your computer or any USB wall charger or outlet. There is a remote control to choose all the settings, including time (12/24hr), date, temperature (C/F), alarm, backlighting colour and display mode (direct, fade or crossfade), or you can use the two buttons located on the back of Blub Uno (just in case your remote isn’t on hand!).


By : Andrea Williams post in DESIGN on 25 February, 2015


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