- How to look chic in orange eyeshadow -
Orange is raise again

Start by lining your top eyelid with a red eye pencil. Apply it right to the lash line, you’ll just want a thin line to define the eye contour. Line the bottom water line with the same pencil, all the way in to the inner corner of your eye.

Take out a orange eye pencil and lightly draw all over the lid, going from corner to corner. Apply all the way up to the crease, but stop right before. This will create a great base for the eyeshadow, making it last longer and making it easier to see where to apply it.
We used an eyeliner pencil in the Into the Earth shade.

Use a short-bristle brush to apply blue eyeshadow, we picked the Peacock shade. Press the brush onto the eyelid, right in the area you marked with the eye pencil. The trick is to press, not sweep. Sweeping the brush over the eyelid will make the eyeshadow end up all over the place – resulting in a bruised look.

Grab your crease blending brush to carefully soften the edge of the orange, blending it into the crease. Don’t go too crazy with the blending – keep it controlled to the shape you’ve made, just softening the edges.

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