How to upgrade to business class without extra cost

Does anyone know about Asia Miles in Hong Kong? The engagement rate of Asia Miles's Facebook Fan Page in English Version is close to 1%... What we understand that is people here in Hong Kong for those who reading English only are not sure about if it's worth it or not. Asia Miles value is entirely down to how YOU value stuff. We all know the Asia Miles program is under Cathey Pacific Airline promotional membership "Marco Polo Account", will you purchase a business class round trip from Hong Kong to Seoul in HK$14xxx? The most valuable use of asia miles is usually to upgrade. You can get really good deals on upgrades on relatively long haul routes (like UK or US). Companion tickets are also a great deal. But if you don't want to fly in Business class and just want to save money, this makes no sense at all!

On the other hand, vouchers for shopping you do ever day (park and shop) is basically cash. You don't have to take a trip to "get the value" and you can save your money to take the trip you want, when you want it, not when the Asia miles seats are available.

Credit card's welcoming rewards are always the best and fastest way to credit at least 15000 miles in just around HK$7500 local spent. Yes, to track with the trend on redeeming flight tickets for free, credit cards offers are essential.

If anyone here is interested in this topics, comment now then we will discuss more here !


Post By : Andrea on  17 December, 2016


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