- NIKE Advanced Training Jacket Concept by  -
Joseph Cooper

Joseph Cooper, an Industrial Designer who based in USA is recently released a project of NIKE Advanced Training Jacket. He started by introducing the Hyperion system, an intelligent textiles and electronic components which work together to give athletes the ability to customize and adapt any garment to their needs. The jacket was designed to regulate body temperature during everyday athletic training, as well as to help athletes track and improve their performance over time.

Conductive fibers woven into the fabric of the jacket allow the wearer to use hand gestures to control the jacket's settings. 'Smart' textiles, which open & close depending on the user's body temperature, allow areas of the jacket to become more breathable or less breathable in order to maintain a comfortable core temperature. Users can also manually override, set a desired target temperature, and relay information to their mobile device using controls located on the jacket arms.

A 3.7v puncture resistant lithium-sulfur battery is housed in a compact pouch along with sensors which track activity and control the various functions of the jacket. The pouch snaps into a pocket located on the jacket's shoulder and relays data to the user's mobile device via Bluetooth. The battery pack can be removed to charge via USB Type-C charging cable. The pack is capable of measuring critical health stats such as body temperature, heart rate/avg BPM, respiratory rate, calories burned as well as measuring the athlete's performance through acceleration/deceleration, g-forces, top speed, total distance and others that can be customized in the mobile app.


Text by : Joseph Cooper  / Post on  22 March, 2017



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