The Western Archipelago, reached by ferry from Gothenburg, is a place in the west coast with the yachting and racing cultures and a large guest harbour surrounded by uncrowded and unhurried atmosphere. The beautiful coastline given a relaxing sensation of both your eyes and body with the smell and feel of salt, sea and smooth rocks.

Landscape by Tryswedish, a lovely restaurant in West Coast.

Speaking of Swedish, there's many local fresh and healthy ingredients from the food scientist in Sweden's restaurant. Not just seafood, but also the homemade jam and nuts, a cup of cloudberry tea or buttermilk, even the rapeseed oil brings you feel like eating as a Swede.

Coast walking track near the restaurants, you can find live local musicians and bands performing all day long. Smögen offers a beautifully situated harbour and all the amenities of a small Swedish town which a single one shop, a smokery lunch with the live music itself is charming.

Would it great fun to discover culture things? To squeeze, feel, twist, turn and explore the rich cultural heritage of West Sweden. Children are dress up in garments from bronze-age and enter a different world in the reconstructed bronze-age farm.

Kosterhavet is Sweden's first, and only, marine national park. The sea around the Koster Islands is the most species-rich ocean area in Sweden by far. The characters of the islands differ slightly. From the ceiling hangs a huge jaw bone from a blue whale that once beached in these waters, and they have even managed to find space for an old rowing-boat, fully equipped for fishing.

Didriksons is the market leader of functional clothing found in Grundsund, Sweden. Hunters, golfers, active people and fishermen here, on the rim of the western coastline where Sweden meets the ocean, there was a constant need from the local fishing industry.

The first "Originals Collection", which arrived in spring 2014, was inspired by fashion from the Swedish west coast. In connection with the brands 100th anniversary in 2013 Didriksons made a deep dive into their historical archives, resulting with the "Originals Collection" featuring classic design detail combining with modern, high-tech materials.


West Sweden - Wellness for both body and soul

Text by Elena Richter — Posted in LIFESTYLE on October 12, 2015

It won't disappoint you in any single moment of this fabulous region - West Sweden. I also hiking through the remote islands and secluded inlets of the Gothenburg archipelago. Nature lovers will appreciate the tranquillity of the area. It is hard to say farewell to this beautiful country, but I am glad that came and tasted the Swedish BIG 5 !





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