After studying art in San Paolo and working for an important Brazilian fashion house, UEL CAMILO moved to Italy in 2007 and created his first haute couture line. He founded his own brand in 2010 with the Red Carpet collection. For the Spring/Summer 2015, he also launched his first luxury ready-to-wear line. At the core of the brand, there is an attention for Italian craftsmanship. Camilo works with Italian factories which are selected with great care and precious fabrics, with a particular interest in lace. Attracted by tailoring, Camilo started an Atelier line, focusing on made to measure gowns.

Camilo works on a classical but still sensual femininity. The cut is strict giving a sense of geometry. Shapes are simple, showing a love for a classical and sophisticated vision of femininity. Tulle, crepe, chiffon, satin, lace these are some of his preferred materials. His universe is dreamy and influenced by art; for the Fall/Winter 2016-2017, for example, he presents a Munch printed line. Overlays are embellished with embroideries and jacquard, playing with surfaces. Mixing couture with art, Camilo takes his main inspirations from Art Nouveau and Déco period, but also from Damian Hirst, Rabarama and Ertè.

Uel Camilo is distributed in Milan, Hong Kong, Moscow, Berlin, Kiev and Amsterdam. In the next years, ready-to-wear and Red Carpet stores are scheduled to open worldwide, with a particular focus on Japan and Middle East.

Post By : RIX.T on  16 May, 2016


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