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La Mer VS La Prairie

La mer vs la prairie - As I sit here at our weekly Tea Time with fellow colleagues, we discuss about the anti-aging comparison between two brands. Now we turn the conversation to the best way to try on both products and then witness the results by ourselves :

La Mer claims that Genaissance de la Mer full set 3 pieces ( US$990 ) is all about "Rejuvenation" - the new reality after years of searching to recreate the phenomenon. Profound powers of skin transformation, derived from potent, highly active ingredients like nutrient-rich algae, protective antioxidant extracts, and semiprecious stones through a unique three- to four-month bio-fermentation process. La Mer was created by Dr. Max Huber, an aerospace scientist, following an accident that left him with severe chemical burns for which he could find no relief.

Even we don't understand about chemical but still we are trying the whole collection with UK & HK editors. Whenever I use this at night, I wake up with the face of an infant. Plus, it smells hypnotic, it doesn't irritate my eczema, and if you feels the texture is too heavy then I suggested you to focus on serum and eye cream only.

la prairie Cellular Power Infusion ( US$565 ) claims that it can unlocks the inherent power deep within the skin to reactivate skins energy, detoxify skin cells and support the skin's renewal process. Four vials contain an exclusive formula that provides an energy surge for your skin.

The cool design of these 4 bottles once formula on with your fingers, and you'll immediately feel the cooling, soothing, and conditioning effects. If your skin situation is not able to absorb whatever you trying to feed it, then we can call it a waste to use skincare products. This treatment set is a good start to let your skin start the recycle of renewal.

We will have the final results from editors after three months from now, stay tuned!


Text : Nancy Zouch / Photo: Natasch Lindeman Post on  28 November, 2020



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