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Elena Iv-skaya, a Reunion based photographer is recently released a Summer Fashion Editorial - LAGUNA for the best swimsuit style rocking in 2017. From bikinis, swimsuits and tankinis to the best beachwear to be seen in this summer 2017, or your just looking for some quality lounge chair time, the approaching season is reason enough to give those suits a refresh.

Ahead, we're giving you a breakdown of the swimsuit trends you can expect to be big (XXL Fun ) in Summer 2017. Here, you'll find a little something from everyone, from revamps on classic silhouettes to on-trend items that'll have you standing out from the crowd. Don't let self-consciousness get in the way of a fun time and enjoy for the rest of images from Elena!



Photographer: Elena Iv-skaya / Post by I-M  on  28 June, 2017



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