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Wet look hairstyles

Runway male models are mostly done the wet look hairstyles lately and that makes them all look like fresh out of the shower but in trend. The greatest advantage of this look is that it can be incorporated into any hair type, from messy curls to thinner, slicked-back hair. Creating wetness requires working in a little bit of a product such as mousse or pomade before combing washed hair into place. By picking a product that compliments your hair, you’ll light up a room all day long.


For starters, it’s good if your hair is newly washed. Then, apply coconut oil from the ends up. Use quite a lot, and grab tufts of your hair and squeeze the oil into it. If you’re applying the coconut oil outside, make sure that it’s not too chilly as the oil easily lumps if it’s under room temperature.

Comb your hair with your fingers or a broad teethed comb to make sure every strand is covered by the oil.

When you’ve combed through your hair, apply a styling product with some shimmer for a longer-lasting and better-looking result.


Post on  17 February, 2018



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