- Masquespacio DESIGN 2017 -
Shade Lamp

Masquespacio is a creative consultancy specialized in branding & interior design based in Spain. Recently, they released a new design story - a amp that will take part of the new collection from the Barcelona based brand.

"That's way the lamp will be the first official author design that will be launched below the new characteristics from the lighting company. Called Shade the design from Masquespacio in first case seeks its inspiration through the shadows of our lives projected by the Mediterranean light. Above Shade creates a strong contrast between materials that are not usual in the lighting sector, combining raffia, leather, marble and brass, while it shows characteristics from postmodernism. Last, could be highlighted the fact that all the materials are natural, to make them live together through the artisan production from RACO’s collections."


Photo : Masquespacio Design  / Post on  9 April, 2017



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