-  Eco-furniture: Emeco and NendoSU stool collection   -

A curious example of how cement can be used for furniture manufacturing. The product we show you is the result of the work of the Japanese studio Nendo and the American brand Emeco. This is the SU stool collection, where eco-concrete has been used.

The seat of this stool is made of 86% ecological materials: CSA cement mixed with recycled glass. CSA cement is a mixture that requires less energy to produce, which reduces the carbon footprint. The seats are polished and finished with a sealer.

Complete collection Its designed by Nendo, where in addition to using eco-concrete, cork and recycled plastic have also been used.

Nendo thought of concrete as a strong and durable material, but there was a negative part in using conventional cement (Portland cement) as it leaves large carbon footprints. So to be able to use concrete but leaving the least ecological impact, they decided to use CSA cement mixed with recycled glass.

“Concrete requires a lot of energy to produce. Leave large carbon footprints. Exhausts natural stone and sand. Our SU collection has to do with the intelligent use of resources. Still, there had to be a way to take this great architectural material and rethink it. It turns out that recycled glass bottles and calcium sulfoaluminate cement (CSA) are a very good idea. Together, they manufacture ventilated and energy efficient concrete that is as solid as stone. But much smarter. ” explains Oki Sato, founder of Nendo.


The Emeco brand is an icon in the world of furniture. One of its flagship products that everyone knows is the Navy chair, a chair that was born next to the company that was initially used in submarines. Navy is still in manufacturing and is surely its number one product in sales. Navy has a lifetime warranty.

Emeco has been exploring new materials and searching for sustainable materials for many years. Apart from using recycled aluminum in some of his pieces, he has also experimented with recycled wood, cork and recycled plastic, and now with eco-concrete.

“It was gratifying to work with Oki Sato, a designer who has the philosophy of simplifying things, eliminating excess and finding beauty in simplicity. This strong tradition, found in Japan, fits both Emeco's past and future. ”Says Gregg Buchbinder CEO of Emeco.





Text & Image : Neo2 / Post on  9 September, 2019



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