- Spring Lip-gloss report 2018  -
Key sparkly shades

H&M newest beauty obsession comes a limited edition of five sparkly shades. When we bring out the word "Holographic", it doesn’t mean that you have to look like a rainbow-colored one. The reason we love this neutral holo-look is that it matches with a bare face. We only applied some light, pearly eye-shadow on the eyelid to give it a barely-there shimmer.


Start by applying a pink lip color all over your lips, use either a classic lipstick or our current favorite – the chubby pencils called Lip Color To Go. Opt for something lighter if you prefer a peachy look, or something more saturated if you want a deeper berry look. Finish off with the Holo Lipgloss in either Pink Sugar or Embers.


Post on  8 April, 2018



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