- Teenage fashion magazine 2017 trend report  -

Colourful prints fashion is the brightest summer seasons elements. Lena Pogrebnaya, a Ukraine based photographer is recently released a set of sharp colours fashion inspiration 2017. The best of teenage is the returning to colorful school time, to the period of formation your vision of a world, perception of environment, human relations - that helps us to preserve yourself in this tangled maturity. Devoted to my beloved school which nurtured in me the love to architecture, the urge to knowledge and based that person who I am now.

School wardrobe is all about the courage for wearing who you are and stand for it. Outfits by ironing on patches, showing the playful side of the design is the key of fashion trend 2017.


Photographer: Lena Pogrebnaya Post on  14 June, 2017



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