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Bedouine Album

Bedouine, the Syrian Afican artist in Los Angeles, presents her new and second album this weekend in Madrid and Barcelona.

Azniv Korkejian , better known as Bedouine, has just released his second album, 'Bird Songs of a Killjoy'. This artist, singer and songwriter of folk music published his first and homonymous album in 2017 and, since then, within his scene, he is one of the current reference musicians. His own label explains that “His musical career began when he impressed Matthew E. White with his song“ One Of These Days”, And he decided to publish his music on his Spacebomb label. His namesake debut came in 2017. Listening to Bedouine's nomadic folk, inspired by his travels, we remember the poetry of Joan Baez, the voice of Karen Dalton or even Minnie Riperton. He has toured with Father John Misty, Michael Kiwanuka, Matthew E. White, José González or Fleet Foxes. ”For all this, for his sound, his delicate voice, his second album and his Spanish mini tour, we have talked with her to know More about this interesting project.

Where does Bedouine's name come from? It is a combination of things. I was born and raised in the Middle East and I have always respected the Bedouin culture. My mother collected beautiful Bedouin necklaces and decorated the house with them. I am also fascinated by the fact that we do not need much to live comfortably and comfortably, and how our communities can give us what we need. The simplest answer would be that I traveled a little.

Why did you decide to change your real name to a shorter and more artistic one? I prefer to leave some space between my self, my personal life and my musical project. Although my music is very personal and intimate, I prefer to put a title only to the project.

What do you have in mind for this mini Spanish tour? It is the first time that, after the tour, I will spend a few days when the tour ends, so, after the concerts, I want to slow down and enjoy Spain.


Why a title like 'Bird Songs of a Killjoy' for this second album? It refers to the insecurities we have when we realize how others see us. Instead of changing who I am, I prefer to call myself killjoy (spoilers), so I can face the possibility of someone seeing me like that. Also because many songs reflect imperfections in our lives because it is not common for reflections when things are going well for us. What we usually do is enjoy and nothing else.

How do you feel with this album? Well, stable.

At a time when fast music dominates everything and mainstream music is more focused on reggaeton and urban Latin music, where do you see folk? I think there will always be a place for quieter music.


How do you feel doing folk? I love. I feel it is more sustainable than loud music (to put it in some way) and talking about me. Like when it comes ear fatigue or any kind. I think that folk music leaves a space for the individual instead of filling the individual and overloading him with his personality (in this case, that of music). In a word, I think it's pleasant. I know there are people who hate that word because it is very sentimental but it works for me.

In all the reviews, press releases and interviews they emphasize the fact that you are based in Los Angeles but both you and your family are Syrian and Armenian, they emphasize the fact of your family roots and your childhood. Why do you think it is? I think you will have to ask these people who do these curious works, if you want a more direct answer, but I think that if someone gives you unique information, it gives you an opportunity to get to know the artist better and thus reach a more suitable audience.

Being a multiracial woman has influenced you, but how? Yes, it has, of course, but not in the ways you think.

Plans for 2020. 

Good question!Bedouine will be in Barcelona on September 21 and in Madrid on 22 . To follow his tour, you can follow his route on Instagram .




Text & Image : Neo2 / Post on  22 September, 2019



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