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Christmas party

At the end of the year, Christmas PARTY SCHEDULE began to fill, to highlight their own but not too exaggerated hair and makeup, I-MAGAZINE here to provide another kind of inspiration!

Semi-humid hair make the overall shape posted a sense of full, whether fluffy hair dry or with dry hair can be used moist and shiny gel hair products to create a sense of fashion. If you are cut a very short hair personality girl, as long as the hair with a lightly twist the hair into a small rub a small rub a small rub, but can even more of your handsome and neat. Moisturizing hair is mainly the pursuit of a natural moist moist feeling, not frantically to the head to wipe the hair products, sisters please remember the moderation from our tip.


Photo by Lesha Lich "Beauty for Buro 24/7 Ukraine" / Stylist: Derek Lee /  Post By : Mani on  18 December, 2016


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