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David Bowie & Us

To talk about contemporary or on the present, there is no way to choose over them. To recall the twentieth century, the late 60s to early 70s, it is difficult to compare the creative power, in all areas of design to create an unprecedented epoch-making works. This has not been reproduced rebellious innovation era, from the political, social, cultural multiple accumulation, the result is not only the progress of the design achievements, but also aesthetics of the era of sound history, the exact change in the world and continue to affect later thinking.

If there are people continue to adhere to the design, art, can be separated from the political and social situation, if not deliberately operating words trick, is too naive it is time to review this history for the later development of equal rights: from the fight for human rights in the world, , Multiculturalism, the face of consumerism to deal with the attitude of the Earth and environmental issues, the supervision of the neo-liberal politicians and so on, then against the mainstream young people love the spread of popular culture, not only Alan Aldridge's illustrations for his album, the specific presentation of the rebellious demands of music reform and the pursuit of that belongs to our utopia in the beautiful world, from 1966 to 1970, five of the five Years, is a genuine revolutionary era, lay today still rely on and believe that the basic values, film, music, art, design, fashion and other fields together to complete the great tension is still great works in the world situation changes somewhat similar Of the moment even more familiar.


Photo By : Selman Hoşgör on  18 December, 2016


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