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Accessories can be tricky for guys. We get it – any item of clothing which swings away from the purely functional toward the more ‘decorative’ end of the spectrum has the potential to incite jeers over beers. So the question is what kind of scarf will net you respect rather than ridicule? Can you wear one to work? With a T-shirt? No worries – with our ultimate need-to-know guide, we’ve got it all wrapped up.


Rectangular Scarf
A standard rectangular scarf ranges from 50 inches to 90 inches in length and 6 to 14 inches in width. A short scarf is approximately 55 inches and is great for draping over the shoulders unwrapped where it will sit comfortably at or above the waist. A medium length scarf is about 70 inches long and is the length you’d want to look for if you plan on getting fancy with your scarf styling. Finally, a longer scarf at 80 inches or more allows for a cozy, full, and dramatic look.

Square Scarf
A square scarf is a unique way to add an extra detail to your outfit. Try folding it in half, wrapping it around your neck, and then tying the ends on the back for a bandana-inspired look. Keep things fun and girlish. Try on patchwork chambray shirt tucked in ripped denim shorts.

Choosing The Right Color Scarf
Of course, with your accessories, most colors are fair game. However, if you’re just getting your scarf arsenal started and looking for some tips, here are some things to consider.

Look at your Complexion
Some colors look great on everyone across the board. Other colors, however, really are determined based on your skin tone. For warmer skin tones, colors including mustard, olive, cream, and orange are some great go-to’s.For cool, pale skin tones, steer towards colors like blue or gray.


Post On :   7 April, 2018



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