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I-M Studio

Thinking what to do this summer? How do you see a plan that combines the mixing of leisure and learning in fashion with production? What do you think about knowing how to creating products with friends? The summer courses of the I-M Studio are perfect for those who do not want to get bored and also want to train professionally.

The "Support Your friends" project allowing you to invite friends together for learning how to produce your very own items with creativity in using different techniques and materials to create tangible item. Sponsored by I-M Studio, these are intensive courses that allow you to acquire new knowledge and develop creative skills in the hands of professionals in the sector. A variety of different classes, from 50 or 100 hours to 2, 3 or 4 weeks. In this way you can also use the rest of the hours of the day to discover and enjoy as dynamic and full of life as in Hong Kong.


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Post On :  15 April, 2019  by  Ryan Owen



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