Luka Sabbat x UGG Neumel Nation  -
 an authentic movement 

UGG signs Luka Sabbat as the new ambassador of his Neumel Nation collection. The considered "king of the Z generation" becomes the visible face of the new campaign of boots of Australian origin.

For all those who have thought that Neumel Nation is another UGG collection , I have to warn you that it is more than that. Luka Sabbat has become the new ambassador of what we consider to be an authentic movement.

A movement that treats footwear as something that makes you feel comfortable and confident about yourself . In order to show us how we really are and break the routine through an effortless roll .


Since the launch of the Neumel model  , one of the most mythical boots of the American house UGG , the model has suddenly become one of the best sellers among all the options it offers.

Apart from its design, the Neumel boot sweeps where it goes with its Californian style , its incredible feeling of comfort and quality for the materials used to make it and its maxi silhouette that has us in love.

The DNA of a brand that grew in popularity when surfers began using them as a defense against the cold after long days catching waves, is now translated into an icon of style.


If you add that Luka Sabbat , creative, model and actor , has become the new ambassador of the UGG Neumel Nation Collection , we have the perfect combination to get a perfect shoe for our favorite streetwear looks .

Haven't you got some UGG boots yet? Enter their website to see all the design, quality and comfort they have for you.

Check out Luka Sabbat's Instagram profile to find out why he is considered the “King of Generation Z”.




Text & Image : Neo2 / Post on  22 September, 2019



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