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Puma x Ader Error

Under the title "Faster than youth" Puma x Ader Error return with their second collaboration to bring innovation to the limit

Young people are the future, they learn quickly and adapt to new trends without any problem, sometimes even they are the ones who are ahead of the trends. In this new collection of Puma x Ader Error everything is focused on the new generations that are ahead of everything and create their own trends.

The collaboration of Puma x Ader Error puts back into practice the concept they developed for their previous collection "Futro" where the most retro roll was combined with the futurism that the young and modern public loves.

Between what the retro takes and that we love new things, it seems that the new collaboration of Puma x Ader Error has hit the nail on the head.


Post On :  2 March, 2019  by  North Wan



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