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Rooster New Year 2017

Rooster New Year 2017 you need a new outfit for warm greeting, red is a symbol of health ﹑ enthusiasm, positive color, but also on behalf of the right and full of warm colors.... , Choose the most dazzling coat on behalf of the festive lucky red jacket is the best, however, this is definitely the necessary style to meet the New Year. And how to wear a red coat to avoid tacky or exaggerated it? First of all, you have to choose a good version of the style version, such as the usual Slim or a large hot loose feeling, both inside and outside the balance will be good or visually too thin or heavy.


Photography: Mannbutte Fashion: Claire Carruthers Makeup: Sharon Drugan Hair: Angel Montague Sayers Model: Gerta Dardano (Wilhelmina Dubai) Retouch: Irene Velweiss Produced by Things by People on  13 January, 2017


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