- Five skincare beauty resolutions to stick with in Spring  -

Interestingly, people are tend to forget the things that have to remember especially when you are doing it every day. Whether it is to work out more, relax or start a date, I-M believe girls should just stick with the daily skincare steps that will keep the glory of your skin.

1. Resolve to wash your face every dingle night before bed, really, no exceptions:
Dermatologists recommend removing makeup each night for several reasons. If you do not remove your makeup, your pores will not have a chance to "breathe". Your pores will become clogged with the ingredients in your makeup, no matter how natural it may be. The sebum will become trapped in your pores and you're risking a breakout. Leaving on eye makeup can cause other issues, such as redness, irritation, and even infection. Environmental contaminants also lurk on the skin, so a gentle cleansing is in order. Don't let your skin aged because of missing this step.

2.Resolve to try a new lip color:
As much as we love attention, be adventurous is the key of our team! Promise yourself you'll try a new shade of lip color to shine your day with this little step.

3.Resolve to use sunscreen, even on cloudy days:
Natural sunscreens generally are more costly than drugstore chemical-filled and potentially harmful sunscreens. This is true. What is so important to remember, though, is that a good sunscreen is going to be your best anti-aging product. Since much of aging can be attributed to UV damage, sunscreen is imperative.

4.Resolve to green your routine:
We know it can be hard to eliminate harmful products "cold turkey". Take small steps. Use up what you have right now in your vanity and then when it is time to replace products, choose more natural alternatives. Stop purchasing cruelty-free items, those with petrochemicals and parabens, animal by-products, etc.

5. Resolve to say goodbye to artificial fragrance:
95% of artificial fragrances are petroleum based chemicals. (According to a report from the National Academy of Sciences in 1986; report not refuted). Many artificial fragrances contain Phthalates, which disrupt the endocrine system and are known carcinogens. Phthalates are banned in the EU. They can damage the reproductive system and are also harmful to the environment. (Source: Cosmetics Database). If you choose to eliminate only one ingredient, make it synthetic fragrance.

Remember to stick with these little steps and stay young with us!


Photographer : Lyubov Pogorela / MakeUp Artist : Lyuda Agakhanova/ Model : Masha  / Post on  16 March, 2017



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