H&M s/s 2014 Premium Quality Products

H&M, as one of the biggest fast-fashion clothing company worldwide is now offering the high end design and premium quality at an affordable price. Aimed at a slightly more fashionable consumer than its core H&M brand, the high-end label & Other Stories showcases the design credentials, incorporating quality fabrics like the suede jacket on the left and emphasizing craftsmanship to give a more premium feel.

Photo by H&M / Editorial I-M Blurry / Graphic by Carl Gladstone

Dazzled by Gold

The LOOK : 100% silk sleeveless top with Mesh shorts with shimmering embroidery in metal thread, sewn-in creases at the front and a concealed zip at the side.

Accessories : Dazzling clutch in imitation leather with a glittery print, high-heeled leather sandals with decorative tassels at the front, a strap with a metal buckle at the side and high, shiny heels.

H&M reflects the way modern women shop and dress today: mixing and matching, buying high- and low-end brands, and embracing distinctly different looks on different days.

Lace, Mesh, Transparent

One of the mini collection of spring/summer 2014 offers the sleeveless dress in woven fabric with a transparent lace yoke with gently flared skirt section.

The affordable H&M make up tools adore annovative concept as serving multiple purposes and gives practicle stuffs. The idea is to bring customers the full dressing up experience in store.

volume at H&M

The LOOK : 100% viscose circular-cut top with narrow adjustable shoulder straps and a hem with extra shine.

H&M is creating an exclusive, high concept brand, yet also affordable and everyday!

Embroidery & More

The LOOK : The elegance and versatility of embroidery high heels offers extra special prints with padded leather insole matches with the gold-coloured detail's sunglasses.

The success of H&M’s designer collaborations has forged the way for & Other Stories, now associating H&M with higher quality goods at more premium prices.


Spring / Summer 2014

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