- A jewel of legend for your skin  -

Detecting the beauty of a stone before it is revealed through cutting is an exercise Ruth Méaulle has indulged in since her earliest childhood, following a family tradition passed down through generations. She turned her innate skill into professional expertise in the hushed, confidential world of the great diamond dealers of Antwerp. Gifted with synesthesia, Ruth has a multi-sensory, sensuous perception of gems: for her, each radiates a fragrance. Her passion for perfume came to her at the age of 18, as she was choosing a fragrance for her mother. It was Amarige by Givenchy, a glorious white floral bouquet composed by a man whose name she did not yet know, but whose trail she unwittingly followed from one scent to another. At last, with Carnal Flower by Frédéric Malle, she learned the identity of one of her favorite perfumer: Dominique Ropion. When she met Thomas Méaulle, he, too, was wearing one of Ropion’s compositions, Vétiver Extraordinaire. To pay tribute to this sign of destiny, when the designers founded ORLOV PARIS in 2015, they chose Dominique Ropion to create the first collection of their perfume house inspired by their love story.

Sharing a passion for perfumes and diamonds. Firing up imagination. Awakening the senses... Each ORLOV PARIS fragrance is named after a legendary stone. Whether they were given as tokens of love, worn as insignia of power or acquired to satisfy an obsession, these jewels have always been objects of desire throughout their often mysterious history.

Today, ORLOV PARIS adds a new facet to their legends with a collection of olfactory gems crafted by diamond cutters of scent. Each, as unique as the mythical diamond it is named after. As captivating as a lover’s gift. A jewel of legend for your skin. www.orlovparis.com

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