Creative Director & Photographer : Tina Hoeltmann / Makeup & Hair Stylist : Francesca Vigliarolo c/o Nordish Republic / Stylist : Iani Iskowik



Orange is an attitude, a spirit to bold this season in both fashion and make-up trends. Having the perfect marriage of summer meeting fall, you should think outside the classic muppet orange that might make you cringe. If you feel like being bold, try wearing the vibrant orange with some crisp white. Consider "Orange Is the New Black" , you know, the American comedy-drama series says, you should now storing more in closets and get ready to crush.

Dress : Reuker HP / Cap : Rotkäppchen designs Hamburg / Gloves : Roeckel / Shoes & Jewelery : Iani Iskowik / Baseball Bat : Fundus

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