- Annie Haeger &  Briana Provancha  -
Raw, honest and determined.

They are team No Filter: raw, honest and determined. There are no special effects here, no quick fixes that can transform reality into something a little softer.

Because the reality is, it’s not easy—the endless training and the weeks on the road away from home—it can all take a toll. In this sport, your physical endurance will get you through a race, but it’s your mental endurance that sustains you over the course of a multi-year campaign.

No matter where Annie is or what she’s doing, her mind is on the water. She can’t stop. She can’t shut it off. For her, every decision she makes during the day affects their chances for Rio. And at night, while she sleeps, she dreams of sailing, riding the currents, feeling the wind, dreaming up solutions and opportunities—anything that will move them closer to their goal.

Briana thrives in the here and now. On the water, when the wind suddenly shifts or the boat refuses to respond, she’s not thinking about Rio or even the next race. She’s completely and totally in the moment. Because whether you’re leading a regatta or trying to regain lost ground, your position can change in an instant.

Together, focused on this moment and a distant one on a podium in a crowded bay, they move closer to their goal, unfiltered, unwavering, unstoppable.

" Everything you’ve been working toward is right there in that bay... It’s incredible to think that’s where your dreams might come true. " - By Annie Haeger

" We want to be perfect but there’s so many things to be perfect at in sailing. You can’t be perfect at them all. " - By Briana Provancha

Story By : Uncharted waters 


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