- CALEB Paine  -
Wind, sails and raw talent.

Everyone wants to hear that old familiar tale of sacrifice and triumph—the story of the athlete. The story of someone who put their life on hold to chase their dream. What they don’t want to hear is how hard it really was. How you traveled alone and slept in your car on the side of the road, eating pasta and peanut butter because that’s all you could afford.

Everyone wants to hear about how hard you work in the gym and on the water, all of the training you do to be top five in the world. Just don’t mention how expensive it all is, how you stay up nights worrying, not about the balance of your boat, but the balance of your bank account.

But what if it’s all part of your story? Caleb’s Olympic journey is one of wind, sails and raw talent working together in perfect harmony. But it’s also a story about the messiness of it all—the mental, physical and financial stress of chasing your dream. And you can’t tell one side without telling the other. Because the messiness of it all—the part no one wants to hear about—is what gives him his edge and propels him forward. It just might make him No. 1.

" The money and the debt really doesn’t matter... I’m only living once and this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. And I really am close enough now to win a gold at the games. " - By Caleb Paine

Story By : Uncharted waters 


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