The Local Mbassy is one of the newest cafes to open down this end of Ultimo, a kitchen paying homage to the locals of 1920’s.

The boiler room inspired decor includes a tangle of exposed pipes overhead, hanging exposed pendant lights, vintage paraphernalia behind the counter and the coolest set of refurbished bicycle stools in an interesting interior design.

The menu, bound in beautifully heavy slabs of Tasmanian oak with a laser-etched logo, is broken up into breakfast, starters and mains. The options cover all bases, from traditional full English breakfasts to on-trend Shaka baked eggs in a tomato sauce to fancier sumac poached chicken and crispy skin salmon.

The smoked salmon and rocket bruschetta is likely to stop all table conversation when it arrives, graffitied with balsamic glaze and drizzles of beetroot yoghurt in hot pink.

Crispy Skin Salmon Fillet with braised eggplant, shallots, Asian greens and drizzled with garlic soy dressing!

The wall is painted with Sid Tapia, his work on the old Sydney Water pump house near Sydenham station, the former graffiti eyesore now brightened by a Let It Shine mural of his daughter surrounded by balloons. Look out the left hand windows of any train heading toward the city from Sydenham station. His work can also be spotted around Marrickville, Chippendale, Newtown and Bondi Skate Park.

The Local Mbassy a boutique cafe in Australia

Images from The Local Mbassy — Posted in Lifestyle on September 30, 2015

The Boutique Cafe & Kitchen. Address : 310 Wattle st, Ultimo, New South Wales 2007. For reservation : (02) 8084 3467

For more details : [email protected]




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