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Tiny Recyclable Batteries

A fact for our days living in big cities, where lifestyle forces people to work all day non-stop, is the empty battery of their smartphone, especially when they need it the most, during the day. The new discovery of Tsung Chih-Hsien “Mini Power”, came up to solve the problem. The designer created a tiny device which looks like a usb flash, whenever paired with the mobile phone, is charging it.

The tiny portable charger, which won the Red Dot Design Award, has a detail that distinguishes it from any other portable charger. Besides its small size, it is recyclable. Not only is made of eco friendly materials - the “body” is made primarily of cardboard without plastic-, but each time that charges the cell and its energy ends, the “body” is cut from the remainder and it is recycled, so that the next one takes place. Therefore, you can buy the “Mini Power” in convenience stores, choose how much battery time you need—two, four, or six hours plug it in, then recycle it and replace it with a new one. Easy, useful and environmentally friendly.


Text by : J.Tiff  / Post on 2 December, 2014



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