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The starting point was a place that had been a garage and was subsequently used as a picture warehouse. A hand-to-hand job of Plutarch with Neurads to decide materials, colors, finishes, even in the search of the premises. Work began in February and ended in July this year.

It has 150 m2 diaphanous with ceilings of 3.50 meters. The main point of natural light comes from a large skylight located on the roof that collects the light from the patio of neighbors. They found a diaphanous space with the exception of the bathroom, where Plutarco took advantage of the existing polished concrete floor, since the passage of time had given it a unique character.


Neurads needed to create some closed spaces, such as a post-production room, a meeting room and a couple of booths for telephone conversations. Glass enclosures with curtains and carpet were used to control the interior acoustics..


A running table is installed under the skylight to support the kitchen and also to use as an informal meeting area. Ikea structures are used for kitchen furniture that is customized with a laminated anti-fingerprint like the rest of the tables. The countertop is also made of that material.

In the work area, 12 posts with tables that have been created by Plutarco ad hoc are installed . Made with anti-fingerprint boards and black lacquered profiles. They also design a giant closet, from floor to ceiling, which is responsible for housing everything you need from an office, routers, printers, stationery, files, rack, etc. All chairs are from Ikea , those from the meeting room of the Ypperlig collection of collaboration with Hay.

The square meter has cost about € 800 including furniture as it has been made.

For those of you who don't know Plutarco , it is a creative study formed by Ana Arana and Enrique Ventosa founded in 2015.

Photos: Kela Coto



Text & Image : Neo2 / Post on  25 September, 2019



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