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sheet masks

What was once a Korean skin trend is now big business all over the world, and like everyone else, I love to pop a sheet mask on of an evening, if only for the selfie. Do they work though? Sometimes. Everyone and their mother is producing sheet masks these days, but in order to get the intended benefits (a concentration of active ingredients which actively permeate the skin) you have to check out what’s in them.


There is no benefit to placing a gooey sheet on your face if the goo isn’t good (aside from the slightly refreshing feeling of a wet cold face and potentially giving your partner/housemate a fright). In fact, some sheet masks contain a lot of alcohol and fragrance, so they can actually do you harm if you have sensitive skin. I like Dr. Jart’s entire range (the skincare company is once of the big names in Korean skincare) and Image Skincare’s Biomolecular Anti-aging Radiance Mask which I find very hydrating. If you want to use something regularly and get a boost, a sheet mask can do that. If you’re looking for a dramatic effect, you’re unlikely to get it. Overall, do masks work? Yes! But they’re not miracle workers. Figure out what you want them to do, find out which ingredients and which types of masks will do that, and then track them down. It’s not one size fits all, but if you find the right one, it can work wonders.


Post on 13 May, 2018 | hair & makeup artist ANNA ENGVALL / model JOSEFIN N



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