- Make up TREND 2017 Might Surprise You  -

Learn the latest make up skills from the Make-up Artist Cat Parnell who recently cooperated with Hairstylist Kerri Ewart and Nails Artist Kate Culter for the beauty editorial "Glimmer" - who shot by Thea Baddile and retouch by William James in UK.

The key to drawing a perfect winged eyeliner is having the right tools, a little bit of luck and a whole lot of skill. And then, even after you’ve nailed the look on one eye, you have to repeat the whole feat again on the other—leading, more often than not, to the dreaded uneven make up.

For the lips part, the intensity of a lipstick or shine of a lip-gloss and the comfort of a lip balm — all in one creamy yet lightweight formula is essential. A spectrum of shades features pinks, reds, nudes and corals. In a convenient, twist-up 'style' form to write your color signature. Apply directly to lips and leave space in two sides of lips for re-shaping the lips.


Photographer : Thea Baddile / MUA : Cat Parnell / Retouch : William James / Hair : Kerri Ewart / Nails : Kate Culter / Model : Emma B@storm  / Post on  24 April, 2017



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