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Cold Press machine

The Juicery kitchen now showing you how to use a centrifugal juicer. Although we use a Cold Press juicer in The Juicery kitchen we know that lots of our customers use a Centrifugal juicer at home! There are positives and negatives to both juicers. A Cold Press machine retains more live nutrients in the juice as the machine does not heat up and uses a slow press to squeeze out the juice. It lasts for 3-4 days and tastes extra delicious! However, Cold Press machines are more expensive and produce less juice than a Centrifugal machine. If you’re new to juicing a Centrifugal machine may be the best way to start, if you find you’re using it everyday we suggest you invest in a cold press machine!

1) Cold Press Machines: Omega or Angels Juicer.
2) Centrifugal Machine: Breville Juicer

Yields: 500ml
1/2 Field Cucumber
4 pieces of Rainbow Swiss Chard
1/4 Fennel bulb
3 pieces of Celery with leaves on
1 thumb size of Ginger
6 pieces of Green Kale

Note – You can add half a lemon for an extra boost of flavour!

Photography: RikGrafiek from Gent, Belgium


Post by Joe Chng  12 February, 2017



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