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Diaoyutai Liquor

Diaotutai state guesthouse is the party and national leaders for the country and foreign affairs activities, as well as the receiption of foreign heads of state and dignitaries, known as the national image, the reclaiming of diplomacy, national pride from China.

For thousands of years, the Chishui River on the wine industry is prolonged, richly endowed by nature geographical environment, high quality organic brewing raw materials, brewing technology have a unique style, and strict production process, with it's mysterious flavor and excellent quality consistent from beginning to end.


One year production cycle, two kinds of feeding fermentation in forty days with eight times adding, accumulation, cooking with high temputure piling in high quality blending. "For fitting the Diaoyutai Royal noble identity to formation of dragon pearl, we added flexible style and elegant design to it." said by Unidea Bank Design Team in China.

Post On :   23 January, 2018



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