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Here comes Christmas again! It’s all about limited edition of 2020 advent calendars moments that give you an everyday pick-me-up and a slice of self-care amidst the craziness of December. As usual, all beauty brands are filling with their sample size products in the unique luxury boxes and wishing you will add them in your cart - yet too soon to decide unless you have seen all brands.

Counting down the days during the festive season until Christmas is an ancient ritual originating from the mid-19th century. The tradition started with the lit of candles to count down the days. Tables turned when a German newspaper included a countdown cardboard with 24 coloured doors in their newspapers. The world of Advent Calendars was born, from calendars with festive notes to calendars with little chocolates wrapped in beautiful paper.

Nowadays high-end luxury brands are taking over the world of Advent Calendars. Housing 10 haircare treats from Balmain’s Hair Couture range including a Leave-in Conditioning Spray, a Revitalising Mask and an Argan Moisturising Elixir, your tresses will be in tip top condition come Christmas. A 14-carat gold plated ‘B’ hair accessory is also included for added luxury and style including :
Mini Detangling Spa Brush Moisturizing Shampoo 50 ml 1.69 FL.OZ Moisturizing Conditioner 50 ml 1.69 FL.OZ Golden Pocket Mirror Thermal Protection Spray 200 ml 6.76 FL.OZ Argan Moisturizing Elixir 100 ml 3.38 FL.OZ Styling Powder 11 grams Leave-in Conditioning Spray 75 ml 2.53 FL.OZ Texturizing Salt Spray 200 ml 6.76 FL.OZ Black Fourche





Text : North Wan / Post on  23 November, 2020




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