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Today you wear pink hair, but tomorrow you may wear it blue or green, and lastly you will shave it. You don't believe in genres, only in people. So what is your fragrance? What you need is a collection of fragrances. One for each of your identities: PACOLLECTION.

The new generations do not believe in gender identity, nor in the roles assigned to different sexual identities. For them, everything flows. Today you may want to wear pink hair, blue or green tomorrow, and last you want to shave it. Today you go to a festival and tomorrow to the opera. Today you wear platforms and tomorrow slippers. With all these identities, the question of modern perfumery is: what is your fragrance? It is clear that it cannot be one. What you need is a fragrance collection like the one Julien Dossena just created for Paco Rabanne: PACOLLECTION, the first fragrance collection of the French house.

PACOLLECTION is a collection composed of six fragrances, designed as if they were a collection of moods. An innovative proposal that celebrates 50 years of Paco Rabanne's transgression in perfumery, since he teamed up with Puig and jointly launched in 1969 the Calandre perfume. Today, Julien Dossena, current creative director of Paco Rabanne, takes over and creates his first collection of fragrances for the house.

«I see Paco Rabanne as a state of mind. The spirit of a creator who had a vision of fashion and life in which women would be emancipated, at ease with their body, so much so, that they could make their armor a garment loaded with sensuality. Paco Rabanne's women are still in action. Paco Rabanne remains fully current today, "says Julien Dossena himself, adding:" Regardless of the way, the commitment is synonymous with virtue. Even if the objectives are different, we must have vitality. I do fashion that accompanies taking the floor, unleashing creativity, and supporting the voice of the one who carries it. My fashion proposal is like a moral commitment. My role is to make this contribution, as well as for the creation of these perfumes. They reflect the multiple identities of their expression within the framework of the notion of gender fluidity, that is, with total freedom, beyond gender boundaries. Giving these perfumes a personal personality with surprising chords that are full of life constitutes the true spirit of Paco Rabanne, as a set of individualities in which we can recognize ourselves ».

The PACOLLECTION fragrance collection has been designed to express the most vibrant facets of our character. It is a bold project, where the most amazing ingredients come together in a selection of the best contemporary perfumes. The result is six perfumes full of sounds, images, dreams, atmosphere ...: Genius Me, Erotic Me, Fabulous Me, Crazy Me, Dangerous Me, Strong Me.

The PACOLLECTION campaign The campaign has been recorded by Sheila Johansson, with photos of Stef Mitchell, near Barcelona, in an incredible cement cathedral, the Factory of the architect Ricardo Bofill. There, six characters, one for each fragrance, roam and find themselves in space while the David Bowie Heroes plays.

The proposal materializes in flexible jars of metallic appearance and very pop inspiration that are presented, in turn, in tinted chrome cases. Inside the bottle you will find a poster showing the composition of the 6 fragrances.


Text & Image : Neo2 / Post on  13 September, 2019



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