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Top image: «The word is being done on the fly», Photographic action with the members of the Women of Orcasitas Association. 

The exhibition “I say, as we say… Portraits of women and social struggles in Usera”, is the result of almost two years of immersion work by photographer Aurore Valade in the District of Usera through the Mirador proximity culture program Usera.

This project, "I say, as we say ...", initiated in 2018 through the public call of Mirador Usera, aims to investigate ways of manifesting from the place of intimacy to reaching public space, hence many of the Photographs are taken in the participants' homes, referring to the concept of “intimate revolts” coined by the philosopher Julia Kristeva, understanding the revolt as a retrospective process that encourages critical awareness, constituting an intimacy between who we were and who we are, because no 'I' is conceived without its plurality.

In this process of immersion in the neighborhoods of Usera, the artist has established ties with different women and associations in order to make a portrait - both individually and collectively - that expresses the claims, feelings and desires of these people who represent, in Some extent, the diversity of the district. After several meetings, Valade has been collecting testimonies, anecdotes and experiences for the project "I say, as we say ...", through which to work with the participation of the protagonists around the words and the image, the story that Each one of them wishes to leave reflected in this kind of tableau vivant that claims the extraordinary thing that lives in the everyday.

Text extracted from the press release.

"I say, as we say ... Portraits of women and social struggles in Usera"From September 20 and November 30 Exhibition hall of the Municipal Board of Usera.Av. Rafaela Ybarra, 41


The artists of the neighborhood continue to exist - Julius Mirlo and Paola Paula writers and artists in Orcasitas.

Who pays the broken dishes. Gema, cultural activist in Moscardó.

Grandmothers and broken dishes, with gem in memory of his grandmother. 

I kiss a homeless man who shakes hands with the king. A kiss comforts. ”Rafaela, member of the Romi Serseni Association of Roma Women in Orcasur. Rafaela's family album in Luis de Horna's story "Call me friend.".



I say - as we say - Aurore Valade / Mirador Usera from INTERMEDIÆ on Vimeo.




Text & Image : Neo2 / Post on 21 September, 2019



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