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KFC has made headlines with some of its sillier gimmicks in the past — including selling fried chicken bath bombs in Japan, as well as a fried chicken sunscreen and lip balm in the US — but despite the outlandish idea, the cocktails are no joke. Though they aren't available to order at KFC restaurants, the chain did hire a mixologist named Patrick to come up with drinks that would actually taste good, should a customer want to make one at home. And it wouldn't be the first time an unconventional savory ingredient was worked into a mixed drinks: Bars have served cocktails that incorporate vegetables, bacon, beef jerky, and even hot sauce. The trick, according to the mixologist, is finding the right flavors to go with the gravy.


How to make KFC's The Finger Lickin' Sour cocktail Ingredients:
100ml KFC Gravy
400ml Mezcal
15ml Cherry liqueur
25ml Fresh lemon juice
10ml Orange marmalade
Pinch of salt
Pinch of pepper
1 Egg white
To garnish: Thyme Sprig
Method: To create your parsley & brown sugar rim:

1. Chop the parsley and mix with the brown sugar in a bowl
2. Cut the lemon and coat the rim of the glass with it
3. Dip the rim of the glass into the chopped parsley and brown sugar mixture

To create your cocktail:
1. Add ice cubes and your Kentucky Bourbon to your rocks glass
2. Pour your KFC Gravy into the glass, give it a mix, and enjoy


Post On :   23 January, 2018



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