-  New fashion designers and brands you should know in 2021  -

Discover new blood in the fashion industry, there is a group of talent fashion designers you should know in 2021. Delve into the latest fashion designs, trends and ideas on menswear, womenswear and gender neutral collections by knowing more new young designers of the coming articles.

1. Y3NOLOGY by Yen Cheung

A whole new fashion and vegan + cruelty-free makeup brand established in September 2020. Y3NOLOGY is aiming to search for outstanding materials to design fashion and make-up items with green solutions to reduce the carbon footprints. 10% of our profits will be used for charitable purposes and donations according to website. Her designs are simple, highly distinctive but full of fun elements. The usage of accessories and fabrics are simply remarkable as a finish of a look.

The special part of the outfits are using QR code to scan all necessary information like materials and cares instead of manufacturing specific washing labels or size tags as part of the green solutions. Y3NOLOGY 's official website have a function called "Check the birthmark" https://www.y3nology.com/check/ and offering special keywords for every single item that purchased by customers as the further engangement and interactions with customers who could play the analysis game online. If your order is a gift, they will send your surprise based on this online checking functions and it fits all the gift purpose in a more eco-friendly way. For more : https://www.y3nology.com

Text : Stacey Tan /  21 February, 2021


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