-  Ways to wear orange outfits this summer 2019  -

Orange and blue is one of the most unexpected color combination trend since 2015. Now in 2019, Orange is probably–no, definitely–one of the most brightest colors in the color palette that even some of its non-neon shades could give one’s outfit a good amount of brightening and pop of color. Pairing this with blue, which is basically orange’s complementary color, will tone down its brightness while harmonizing greatly with it. The result? This ultimately chic and hot color combination.

Here we have the photographers with models showcasing how to wear orange this Summer 2019:


Model: Dania Bazaiti | Make Up Artist : Reti Mehmeti | Jewelry: Kenzo | Dress: Moschino, MSGM | Photography, Art Direction & Retouch: Edvina Meta

Brighten up your outfit – Those standard top, blue jeans and black shoes could go a long way this summer if you sport a bright orange cover up. Be it trench coat, jacket or blazer. Just keep in mind that you also have to consider what’s underneath. For instance, the sleek and tailored coat goes so well with that straight-cut slightly loose jeans.

Put a little texture on your solid colors – If you’re going for pieces in solid colors, then a great way to party up your look is by getting either a plain orange or blue garment with texture in it. Whether it’s ruffled like fur or smooth and glossy like faux leather, the texture does a lot of good in either dressing up or dressing down your entire attire.



Model: Casablanca | Photographer & Retoucher: Edvina Meta

Keep it preppy and girly – You don’t just get a chic look for this color combo. With the right choices, you could pull off a preppy silhouette in bold colors. That is a great mix of girliness and playfulness. You’d want to accessorize with quieter accessories in pastel or neutral colors.


Post On :  25 April, 2019  by  North Wan



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