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The future of the habitat

In Copenhagen they have invented a new concept of coworking space, a thematic ship dedicated to the future of the habitat. In this space designers, architects, interior designers come together to reflect on the cities of the future. It is located in the center of the city and its mission is to design a better and more sustainable way of life, reflect on how to improve cities, solve the problems of overpopulation, discover new materials. In Space 10 seeks, ultimately, how to improve the quality and future of the habitat / architecture promoting sustainable projects.

The space, an old 1000m2 fish shop located in the Meatpacking District of Copenhagen, is being transformed according to the different projects and events that take place in it. Space 10 has become a laboratory of the future. It is sponsored by Ikea, which collaborates to promote research around the habitat. In Space 10, workshops are held to create objects for new needs and develop proposals to improve cities. Through design fairs, pop-ups and exhibitions, we look for the answers to how the future should be and how to improve it. 25 designers have been selected to be part of the team, each one brings their experience and vision to the space, a team that grows every year.


In Space10, projects such as Growroom, a spherical garden and open source have been carried out so that anyone can make theirs at home. The project consists of wooden panels that can be cut with a 3D printer and assembled to create your own sustainable vertical garden, encouraging local cultivation. It is part of the Maker Movement initiative, a movement that seeks to promote projects to democratize design, so that each one can be self-sufficient and manufacture their own designs, an extension of the DIY world.

In addition, within the One Shared House 2030 project they deal with the future of co-living, in which they investigate whether it is a possible way of living in the future to solve the problems of overpopulation, life alone and the global housing crisis, through surveys and studies. Every month the proposals, workshops and initiatives of the space are renewed.


Photo by Space10 / Post On :   12 February, 2019



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