-  a tour of outer space   -
The Nouman AW19 Space Journey

The campaign of the new collection of Nouman AW19 leads us to take a tour of outer space. Do not miss the latest proposal of the Madrid brand that bets on an alternative type of masculinity offering an open space for the production of personal identity。

If you are a dreamer of those who lose them being stunned watching the stars during a summer night you are in luck because the new collection of NOUMAN AW19 will take you directly to space .



temporary space trip that will remind you of the most mythical silhouettes of your childhood closet as you did in your previous SS19 delivery with garments such as “zipp-off” pants that become shorts, the “skort” or reversible jackets .



Apart from the special care in the design, as in all the deliveries of the firm, this new collection of NOUMAN SS19 continues betting on the striking designs but that at no time lose their functionality . The fact that the garments can adapt to each situation without losing the style to the user is one of the unbreakable norms of NOUMAN.


NOUMAN takes as its main inspiration for this new collection space, travel and airports . In the garments we recognize details such as the representation of the logo of the famous American airline Pan Am , or the details in the form of the safety icons that are used in the aircraft.   


Let yourself go and stick a good “ space journey” with the new collection of NOUMAN SS19 that will land at Paris Fashion Week in January 2020. Meanwhile from NOUMAN they ask us to take a seat, fasten our belts and prepare for impact..



Top images and video :Model: Jye/Photography:  Aitana Valencia/Video: Manón Yanes/MUAH:  Miky Valles/Stylist: Maria Bernad/Music:  JAI/Assistant: Anna Pandozzi 






Text & Image : Neo2 / Post on  21 October, 2019




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