- 2018 Trending Report -

A timeless fashion brand is making the trend, not repeating as reference. Let's take a look at the Italian House's SS18 runway, which invites Gianni Versace's iconic design to bring back a great topic. It is 20 years ago, but the peculiar splendor and sensual charm still remain valid. It is better to say that the mood is exactly matched with the spot where fashion is looking now.

I'd like to talk about William Banks - who runs the William Vintage boutique in London - is less aware of this than he is. Over the past three years he has collected over 500 vintage pieces, covering the last collection from 1981 to 1997, when Gianni Versace was alive. This collection is a solid evidence of Gianni Versace on glamor, brazen boldness, and above all, the joy of being found in fashion. Now, with the exclusive piece that you can only meet in Pappucci, you can use the magic of a brand that was a game changer of the century (including 'Bondage' in 1992, 'Punk' in 1994, and 'Pop' collection inspired by Warhol) How about rediscovering?



Photographer: Anna Breda / Post by I-M  on  19 October, 2017



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