Kim Kardashian's new makeup collection, KKW Beauty, is the confirmation of the return of the nineties. Mate, Naomi Campbell's style or lip liner, will stay for a long time.

Kim Kardashian  within her cosmetics firm KKW Beauty, launches a new collection inspired by the nineties. Already from the social networks of Kim Kardashian herself, we could see that the new makeup line is inspired by women who marked an era, such as  Naomi Campbell or Janet Jackson . Both received the new collection of cosmetics.

KKW Beauty is also inspired by women like  Jennifer Aniston , Christina Ricci , Linda Evangelista , Drew Barrymore or Tori Spelling. Although we could continue to make an infinite list, of so many women who marked a before and after.

To announce the new KKW Beauty products, Kim dressed in a black Versace dress , which Donatella herself used in 1993.

Shadows, lipsticks or eyeliners in matt colors, are some of the products that are in the new collection. The result of the line are two sections:  The Matte Smoke and Matte Cocoa . Each mini collection consists of a palette of shadows, 3 lipsticks, 3 lip liner and 2 eyeliners.


The Matte Smoke stands out for its warm tones, such as orange or coral, perfect for girls who have the darkest skin tone, to create a natural effect and highlight both eyes and lips. While  Matte Cocoa is composed of dark tones such as black and lead, perfect for night and smoky looks.

The main idea of ​​the collection is to play with colors and products. And recreate a look that could bring the fashion icons of the nineties, very marked by 'smokey eyes' and matte tones.

Both the fashion and beauty industry have decided that the nineties return. An era that is far from the Z Generation, but that is very enjoyable and that is why they have decided to bring the cabinets and cosmetics back.

The entire line of cosmetics can be purchased from August 16 on the official website .



Text & Image : Neo2 / Post on  22 September, 2019



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