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Aren't you fed up of having all your toiletry bag full of brushes that you don't really know what they are for or that you simply have not used for too long? If so, we will show you what are the five essential brushes for your makeup kit by the hand of NYX Professional Makeup.

Although the fame of the "soft touches" with the finger is very good, it seems to me that we are falling a little short in tools if we want to move to the next level. Makeup brushes are the basic tool if you want to get a professional result. That is why we are going to show you what are the five essential brushes to be able to do wonders on your face by the hand of NYX Professional Makeup.

Just like a mechanic has a wrench, makeup brushes are for professional makeup artists the extension of their hands. We do not want you to think that they are only for professionals (much less), that is why we will teach you when, how and what brushes to use for each step of your makeup:

The five essential makeup brushes for your cosmetic bag:

Getting a basic brush kit can become the key to your creativity when it comes to partying, going to work, or basically when you want makeup. Because as NYX Professional Makeup has taught us: “There are no limits in makeup”, therefore in brushes, either:

1. For base and concealer: 07 Pro Brush Foundation € 14.90

With this brush you can apply both your fluid foundation and your concealer; Always with little touches. Its blade silhouette allows you to blur the small area of the eyelet area in small reciprocating movements. Its compact and flat fibers allow high coverage to work easily.

Take the product with the tip of your brush and extend it from the center of your face to the outside. To achieve a more natural effect you just have to take product with the end of the brush to blur the producer instead of depositing it. 

2. For powders: 21 Pro Brsh Lightweight Pwdr € 23.90, 

With this thick, large and soft extra fine fiber makeup brush you can apply both compact and loose powders. Its breadth allows you to seal your makeup with the powders by applying it to small touches by first discharging the excess product with a touch of wrist.

It is also perfect for applying powders on neck and neckline.


3. For blush or highlight: 24 Pro Brsh - Tapered Pwdr € 17.90

The star brush of NYX Professional Makeup, is light as a feather thanks to its slightly wavy fibers that leave a veiled result. They serve so much to diffuse dusts, blusher, highlighter… It is a perfect brush for loose powder since for its so separated fibers it does not provide coverage.

To use it you just have to take the product with the tip and slide it gently repeatedly depending on the intensity desired by the cheekbones or cheeks.


4. For eyes: 17 Pro Brush Crease € 9.90

With this soft and light brush you can blur the shadows without cuts. Get a deep look with its conical shape that helps work your face perpendicularly.

Once the shadow is applied to the eyelid, use the Pro Brush Crease by making reciprocating movements to blur it. It can be used both to apply and to blur; If you want two shades for the same shade, you only need a handkerchief to remove most of the product. In case you want to use two very different shades, it is better to use a split brush each.

5. For lips: 20 Pro Brush Lip € 8.90

The extra small shape of this cat tongue-shaped brush allows you to draw both the lip contour and fill it. Use a profiler to “narrow down” the shape of your lips and then take the product with the brush and then apply it by filling the lip well.


It can also be used to correct imperfections with concealer.

Basic hygiene rules to take care of your essential brushes:

- Never put a used brush back on your brush blanket.

- Be sure to clean it properly with soap and / or disinfectant.

- Let them always dry horizontally.

- Precision brushes should be treated with greater care to avoid deformation in the fiber.

We have shown you the five essential brushes for your makeup kit but obviously NYX Professional Makeup offers countless variations for anyone who wants to enter the wonderful world of makeup ❤️.




Text & Image : Neo2 / Post on 20 September, 2019



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