The most orgasmic collection  -
 Gucci ss20 

Alessandro Michele offered a show worthy of one of the best creative directors in the history of the Italian fashion house. The presentation of the new Gucci SS20 collection in Milan fashion week was made up of two passes full of sobriety, controversy and extravagance and in equal parts.

The presentation of the new Gucci SS20 collection in Milan fashion week did not leave any of the attendees indifferent. What almost becomes the first sober and minimalist parade ended as it had to end: With excess, good taste and imaginative madness with which Alessandro Michele delights us in each delivery . The last five years as creative director have given much, the ostentatious aesthetics of the last installments of Gucci did not correspond to what the public was contemplating on the catwalk.

At the beginning of the parade of the new Gucci SS20 collection 60 looks in white and ivory tones left the audience out of place. Some looks without color, accessories or makeup that were a distraction for the viewer towards the silhouettes  of what they were contemplating..


What was happening on the catwalk did not seem to be appealing to the models or the public. Specifically, the model, musician and artist Ayesha Tan-Jones , who was parading with one of these looks, raised her hands half of the parade showing a message written on her palms “Mental health is not fashion” . Her protest was focused on the fact that Gucci was doing a show of something that for her is neither a show nor a fashion.

After leaving the room in complete darkness for a few seconds, the lights came back on, the music began to play again and the models began to parade with the true Gucci SS20 collection . Almost 90 looks full of color, accessories, makeup, whips and latex garments paraded down the catwalk leaving the public relieved.


After the parade Gucci gave a press conference where he explained that it was not done with the intention of offending people with mental problems and that it was actually to symbolize straitjackets as “the most extreme version of a uniform dictated by society and those who control it. ”

That is why with the second part of the Gucci SS20 show he   curated with his “antidote” (the real garments of the collection) all this repression . Making clear the liberating character of fashion was the main objective of Alessandro Michele's performance.

If you want to see with your own eyes what happened you just have to reach the end of this article.




Text & Image : Neo2 / Post on  24 September, 2019



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